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Gerald Simowitz

Contact Info

Mr. Gerald H. Simowitz loves teaching all levels of Physics classes at Syosset High School.

If you need to speak with me you can

(a) call the science office phone (516-364-5713) and speak with me or leave a message,

(b) speak to me or leave a message in the science office (down the E-hall stairs, make a right, walk straight ahead), or

(c) email me (

Please DO NOT USE the message feature on this website.

Mr. Simowitz tries to check his email every day, however, email questions should be very specific, and should always include your full name (and phone number if the answer will not be short or it is very important and you can't wait for class).

At this time I would like to apologize in advance, for the times that for one reason or another I will not be able to email you back in a timely fashion.

Parent Portal Check Your Grades

  1. Please use the Parent Portal to check your grades on a regular basis.

  2. Please bring all questions and concerns to me in a timely fashion. Within a week is timely; near the end of the quarter is not!

  3. Please hand in "zero grade" assignments by their indicated due dates.

  4. Please see me to discuss your options regarding grades that you are not happy with, or not proud of.

  5. You will probably not be happy if you use the Ostrich Technique.