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Syosset HS Student Wins Local Sonnet Competition

Congratulations to Syosset High School’s Allison Lin, who is the winner of the Long Island Theatre Collective’s Romeo and Juliet sonnet competition. Allison wrote a sonnet that was recited by cast members of the organization’s recent production of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” performed at the Cultural Playhouse in Syosset. In addition to having her work recited on the big stage, Allison was presented with a prize by the Long Island Theatre Collective for her award-winning sonnet. The Collective is a theater company dedicated to providing professional, vibrant, evocative, challenging performances with the goal of advancing theater and enriching the local community. Allison is congratulated here by two Syosset High School teachers who have influenced her writing: Jacqueline DeRosa (left) and Lydia Esslinger.

Allison Lin’s award-winning Romeo and Juliet sonnet:

It should never have been, never have chanced,

But this forbidden love we were meant to bear,

We are outcasts but we are an outcast romance

They forced us to be separate, our hearts far yet near.

Your eyes sparkled as we danced that evening last,

In them I saw the natural fire of your soul.

Thence our love made us both iconoclasts

Both our families begging for our self-control.

But it was to no avail, we were simply meant to be,

Tied by the red string, red for fate, red for blood

Our tale inspired by the Romans Pyramus and Thisbe,

Our deadly love wrought calamity; yes, it was truly a dud.

We had loved fiercely and we had fought hard to be one

But simple misunderstandings rendered our story done.