Coordinator: Amanda Barney

The required courses and electives offered by the English Department are designed to help students develop language and communications skills, aesthetic sensitivity and deeper understandings of themselves and others as human beings within a particular cultural setting.

English Staff

Name Email
Christina Avallone cavallone@syosset.k12.ny.us
Jaimee Badolato jbadolato@syosset.k12.ny.us
Amanda Barney abarney@syosset.k12.ny.us
Kimberlee Bent kbent@syosset.k12.ny.us
Anne Blaney ablaney@syosset.k12.ny.us
Marla Braverman mbraverman@syosset.k12.ny.us
Tracey Brice tbrice@syosset.k12.ny.us
Nicole Condela ncondela@syosset.k12.ny.us
Gene Connor gconnor@syosset.k12.ny.us

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