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#4600 SY-STEM Robotics


Year, 1 Credit, 1 Period

Prerequisites: Introduction to Computer Programming OR instructor approval

Recommended for: Sophomores, juniors, seniors who are interested in taking Robotics Design and Engineering

Description: This course provides a comprehensive approach to problem solving in real-life situations using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through Robotics. This provides an opportunity for students to combine computer programming with mechanical and tangible outputs. Students will learn how to program the LEGO Mindstorm robots using RobotC and Android Studio software and explore multiple engineering disciplines using the Tetrix hardware. The class will work collaboratively while emphasizing critical thinking, team building skills and student driven instruction. Students will work hands-on in both a computer programming lab and a technology materials processing lab. They will design, construct, program and test various robotic activities. The activities and opportunities align with preparation for multiple engineering fields and engineering career patterns.  

Meet the Teachers

John Chae

Christine Owens