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#4614 Research 1


Year, 0.5 Credit, Alternating Periods Attached to Honors Biology

Co-Requisite: 4110 Living Environment Honors Biology

Description: Research 1 is a course of study that provides students with skills needed to conduct an independent research investigation. Students meet with a science teacher throughout the year every 4th day (alternate research classes) and will then meet on the alternate 4th day with a technology teacher for half the year and a social science teacher for the other half. The science component will introduce students to a variety of areas including microbiology, biostatistics, technical writing, use of information systems, applications of technological design, and the collection and analysis of data. The technology component will have students fabricate an electronic device, perform an investigation, and conduct an analysis of their data. The behavioral and social sciences component will introduce students to topics in human behavior, social and community relationships, psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, ethology, ethnology, linguistics, learning, perception, urban problems, public opinion surveys, educational testing, and clinical and developmental psychology


Renee Cerchia-Cohn

Mary Hendrickson

Gerard Williamsen