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#1600 Project Advance English

1600 PROJECT ADVANCE ENGLISH (Syracuse University courses WRT 105 and ETS 181)

Year, 1.0 Credit, 1 Period This course fulfills the twelfth year English requirement.

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of B in eleventh grade English and recommendation of 11 grade English teacher

Recommended for: Students who are interested in analytical thought and logical argument

Expenses: Tuition of $660.00 ($110.00 per credit) is paid directly to Syracuse University.

Description: Syracuse University Project Advance English is a six credit program designed to improve students’ critical thinking and writing abilities through the study of philosophical and psychological theories. The first semester focuses on writing analytical, rhetorical, and research essays. The second semester concentrates on the analyses of texts through various schools of critical thought. NOTE: STUDENTS MUST COMMIT THEMSELVES TO THE COURSE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS ARE REQUIRED.


Christina Boernsen-Avallone

Pamela Ferguson

Jaime Pedicini

Barbara Young