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#3360 PreCalculus


Year, 1 Credit, 1 Period

Prerequisites: Passing grade in the Algebra II or Algebra II Honors course and a minimum grade of 75 on the Algebra II CCSS Regents examination

Recommended for: Students who are preparing to take a calculus course in the future

Description: This course integrates graphing technology without losing sight of the fact that the underlying mathematics is the crucial issue. The course will cover additional work on functions including algebraic, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric with applications including the complex plane and polar form. Sequences and Series are covered with limits and optional topics, time permitted. The emphasis is on developing the concepts that play a central role in calculus by exploring these ideas from a graphical, numerical and algebraic perspective, with an ongoing focus on real-world problem solving in which the student becomes an active participant. SAT SUBJECT TEST(S) - RECOMMENDED: MATHEMATICS LEVEL 1 or 2


Mike Buttgereit

Mick Cascone

Marc Golden

Staci Gordon

Victoria Garritan

Viera Reisman