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#3260 Mathematical Functions


Year, 1 Credit, 1 Period

Prerequisites: Passing grade in the Geometry or Geometry-Lab course

Recommended for: Students who need to develop additional algebraic skills in order to continue with the study of Algebra II topics

Description: This course will provide extra preparation for Algebra II as well as providing the necessary review of previous learned topics in Algebra I and Geometry. This course will also address the Geometry topics found on the SAT’s. Following this course, students may continue their studies with our Algebra II CCSS course in order to take the CCSS exam. Students who have not passed the Geometry CCSS Regents examination prior to this course should also be enrolled in the core workshop course in preparation for retaking the Regents examination. THIS COURSE IS NOT APPROVED BY THE NCAA CLEARING HOUSE.


Janine Issac

Nicole Wong