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#2070 EXPANDING E.N.L: 9-10

2070 EXPANDING E.N.L: 9-10

These courses are designed for advanced E.N.L. students who are approaching achievement of the linguistic and cognitive demands necessary to perform in a variety of academic contexts within this grade level. Students’ listening and speaking skills are fostered through class discussions, seminar, cooperative group work, debate and presentations. Students study texts of various genres (e.g., the novel, drama, short stories, memoir, poetry, journal and newspaper articles and essays). They analyze literature from the stance of how and why authors use rhetorical features and literary devices to create meaning. Writing instruction focuses on literary analysis, synthesis, argumentation, as well as personal and creative forms. This course prepares students for the NYS Common Core English Language Arts Regents. It also prepares them for successful participation in college and career.


Kerry Hughes