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#1120 English 9 Enriched


Year, 1.0 Credit 1 Period This course fulfills the 9th Grade English requirement

Prerequisite: Passing grade in English 8

Description: In English 9 Enriched students are exposed to a sampling of literature from various cultures. Analysis of literature focuses on authors’ use of language to create meaning in both fiction and nonfiction texts. Listening and speaking skills are fostered through a host of instructional activities: classroom discussion, oral presentation, role playing, debate, and small cooperative groups. Writing skills are taught via essay writing based on textual analysis and the research paper, with particular emphasis on developing a coherent structure. Moreover, conventions such as spelling, punctuation and usage are addressed. Personal and creative forms are also practiced. The purpose of the course is to strengthen students’ foundation in English language arts for successful participation in more advanced English courses and other academic disciplines.


Kimberlee Bent

Nicole Condela

David Gordon

Lauren Lustig Weill

Kari Welch