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#1210 English 10 Honors


Year, 1.0 Credit, 1 Period

This course fulfills the10th grade English Requirement.

Prerequisite: Recommendation of 9th grade English Teacher

Description: The English 10 Honors course is designed to extend and reinforce the analytical and language skills students mastered at the end of ninth grade and to encourage them to use these skills in increasingly independent ways. Literature study includes works of British fiction and nonfiction and other relevant texts that address development of the self and the self’s connection to the world. Through analysis of textual language and structure, abstract philosophical and psychological concepts become clearer to students. Students use writing such as expository, argumentation, and synthesis pieces to explore how they make personal, social and political meaning from the texts that they read. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for successful participation in Advanced Placement Language in eleventh year and to become critical thinkers of various textual discourses.


Jaimee Badolato

Christina Boernsen-Avallone

Tracey Brice

Jacqueline DeRosa

Andrea Stolzenberg