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#1220 English 10 Enriched


Year, 1.0 Credit, 1 Period

This course fulfills the10th grade English requirement.

Prerequisite: Passing grade in English 9

Description: In English 10 Enriched, students study various genres of literature that focus on the development of self and the relationship between the self and the world. Analysis of literature focuses on how and why literary and rhetorical features are used to create meaning in both fiction and nonfiction texts. Listening and speaking skills are taught through class discussions, seminar, cooperative group work, debate, and presentations. Writing skills are fostered through instruction in literary and critical analysis, argumentation, creative, and personal pieces. Research skills are developed via instruction on developing an argument research paper. The goals of this course are to prepare students for writing required of advanced English language arts courses and across academic disciplines.


Jaimee Badolato

Kimberlee Bent

Jacqueline DeRosa

Monica Jo Goodman

Annemarie Napolitano-Bozzo

Jaime Pedicini

Andrea Stolzenberg