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#3390 College Partnership PreCalculus


Year, 1 Credit, 1 Period

Prerequisites: Passing grade in Algebra II or Algebra II Honors course, teacher recommendation, and a mastery grade on the Algebra II CCSS Regents examination

Recommended for: Students who wish to earn college credit while preparing for a calculus course Expenses:

Estimated cost is $290.00. Students can earn four college credits for this course. The actual fee will be announced prior to registration.

Description: This is a Precalculus course that gives a unified treatment of functions of algebra and trigonometry and provides the basic mathematical background required for the sciences. C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University has formed a partnership with Syosset High School to offer this four credit college course. These credits are transferable to most universities where Precalculus is offered. A grade of C or better will be needed to transfer credit to most colleges. Students will incur a tuition fee payable to C. W. Post – Long Island University. An instructor from C. W. Post will meet with the class 6 times during the school year. Students must be registered for this course by the end of September.


Anthony DePalo

Jeanine Isaac