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#4310 Chemistry Honors

4310 CHEMISTRY HONORS (N.Y.S. Regents)

Year, 2 Periods, 1 Credit for Chemistry Honors, 1⁄2 credit for either Science Research 2 or Advanced Research 10

Prerequisites: Living Environment Honors student in 9th grade with a minimum grade of B+ and a recommendation from their Science teacher. Geometry 10 with a minimum grade of B+ or Geometry Honors with a minimum grade of B. Concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 is highly recommended.

Required for: AP Courses and SAT Subject Test in Chemistry Expenses: Scientific calculator

Description: Chemistry Honors involves the study of interactions between matter and energy at the molecular level. Applications of chemical principles are illustrated and stressed through demonstrations and laboratory activities. Course content is designed to prepare the student for the NYS Chemistry Regents exam as well as the Chemistry SAT Subject Test. Science Research 2 or Advanced Research 10 (based on acceptance) is a co-requisite with this course. SAT SUBJECT TEST AVAILABLE: CHEMISTRY


Brian Belanger

Stuart Goldhirsch

Nicole Mele-Wolf