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#4210 Chemistry-113

4210 CHEMISTRY-113 (PROJECT ADVANCE FORENSIC SCIENCE)  Year, 1 Credit, Alternating Single and Double Periods Prerequisites: Regents Living Environment Recommended for: 11th and 12th grade students with a B or better in both Regents Living Environment and the Regents exam. Regents Chemistry is also recommended. Expenses: Students can earn 4 college credits. The fee will be announced prior to registration. Description: Chemistry 113 Forensic Science focuses on the application of scientific methods and techniques to crime and law. Recent advances in scientific methods and principles have had an enormous impact upon law enforcement and the entire criminal justice system. Scientific methods specifically relevant to crime detection and analysis will be presented with emphasis placed upon the techniques used in evaluating physical evidence. Topics included are blood analysis, organic and inorganic evidence analysis, microscopic investigations, hair analysis, DNA, drug chemistry and toxicology, fiber comparisons, paints, glass compositions and fragmentation, fingerprints, soil comparisons, and arson investigations, among others. Laboratory exercises will include techniques commonly employed in forensic investigations. MEET THE TEACHERS: GABRIELLE SCHAVRAN ROXANN ROSE