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#4564 AP Physics 2 Lab

4564 ADVANCED PLACEMENT PHYSICS 2 LABORATORY Year, 1 Credit, Alternating Single and Double Periods Prerequisites: A minimum grade of B in Advanced Placement Physics 1. Recommended for: Students who have completed Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors and are concurrently enrolled in Math Theory Honors, College Precalculus or Precalculus. Expenses: Student expense for AP exam. A graphing calculator is recommended. Description: This is a college level course designed for students who want to obtain up to one semester of college credits in Physics and have already taken AP Physics 1. This course includes topics in both classical and modern physics. A working knowledge of algebra and basic trigonometry is required. This course provides an introduction to some of the main principals of Physics, and builds on the knowledge and a skill developed on AP Physics 1, and continues to emphasize the development of problem solving skills. SAT SUBJECT TEST AVAILABLE: PHYSICS