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#4000 AP Computer Science Principles

1 credit, 1 Period

Prerequisites: For students in Grade 10 and above, who have some understanding of global issues, and a logical and analytical approach to problem solving. Students should possess the necessary skills to complete projects independently and have time outside of the classroom for project completion.

Recommended for: Students who are interested in developing a range of skills such as: using computational tools to analyze and study data; working with large data sets to analyze, visualize and draw conclusions from trends; developing effective communication and collaboration skills; working individually and collaboratively to solve problems by discussing and writing about the importance of these problems and the impacts to their community, society and the world. This course can be used toward the Multiple Pathway Diploma.

Expenses: Student expense for the AP Exam

Description: This 1 year course will be following Harvard Universities CS-50 curriculum which is a first-semester introductory college computing course. APCS Principles introduces students to the central ideas of computer science, instilling the ideas and practices of computational thinking and inviting students to understand how computing changes the world. The rigorous course promotes deep learning of computational content, develops computational thinking skills and engages students in the creative aspects of the field. This STEM course highlights the relevance of computer science by emphasizing the vital impact advances in computing have on people and society. Students have the opportunity to investigate the innovations in other fields that computing has made possible and examine the ethical implications of new computing technologies. This course will culminate with an AP exam along with two projects that must be submitted to College Board in May.  

Meet the Teachers:

Christine Owens