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#4514 AP Biology Lab


Year, 1 Credit, Alternating Single and Double Periods

Prerequisites: Regents Living Environment, Regents Chemistry, and Regents Physics or AP Environmental Science. Approval from the Coordinator of Science is required for students who wish to take the course concurrently with Physics.

Recommended for: Students with an A in Living Environment and Chemistry courses and their Regents Exams. A B+ in Regents Physics is also recommended.

Expenses: Student expense for AP exam plus trip to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Description: A college level course designed for students who want to obtain one year of college credit in Biology by taking the Advanced Placement examination or other college placement tests. This course is designed to establish a broad base and detailed understanding of such biological fundamentals as the origin and properties of life, the structure and function of plants and animals along with the ecological relation to each other, the energy relations of organisms, integrative and coordination mechanisms, heredity and genetics, reproduction, development and growth, and the evidence for the theories of organic evolution.


Carisa Steinberg