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#3680 Algebra II CCSS Honors


Year, 1 Credit, 1 Period

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of a B in the Geometry Honors course and a mastery grade on the Geometry CCSS Regents examination

Required for: Math Theory Honors

Recommended for: Outstanding mathematics students desiring an in-depth course corresponding to the Algebra II CCSS Program as well as preparation for Math Theory Honors and BC Calculus

Description: The class will cover topics from the New York State Learning Standards specific to the Algebra II CCSS course of study including intermediate algebra, advanced algebra, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, the complex number system, sequences and series, probability, permutations, combinations, and statistics. In addition to completing the topics in Algebra II CCSS, this course covers many Precalculus topics needed for entry into senior year calculus. This course emphasizes analytical thinking through function and statistical analysis. Additional topics include synthetic division, solving higher degree equations, and graphical analysis. The CCSS Algebra II Regents examination will be administered in June of this school year. SAT SUBJECT TEST(S) - RECOMMENDED: MATHEMATICS LEVEL 1


Staci Gordon

Jeanine Isaac

Sophia Spinnato