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Mercy First Holiday Wishes

This season, we are working with local community members to help make the holidays special for the children at Mercy First. The children at Mercy First are in foster care, in one of their group homes and/or residential facility, members of families who receive support services, or immigrant youth in their START With Hope program. For many, the gifts from Mercy First are the only presents they will receive this holiday season.

The goal is to give each child toiletries, a blanket, a pair of pajamas, a hat, a scarf, a pair of gloves AND gifts from his/her wish list. We are asking people drawn to this cause to participate by donating.

We will have a necessities drive for donations of toiletries, winter gear, and blankets. There will be a box outside the student lobby beginning on 12/3 through 12/14.

Moreover, we have created a Google doc (linked here) where you can view and sign up to purchase an item from the children's wish lists.

We so appreciate all donations and support. Happy Holidays!!