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About Us

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Giovanni Durante
Principal, Syosset High School

At Syosset High School, we strive to provide an education that is challenging, thorough and useful, in an environment where students find joy in learning. We believe high school is a unique experience, valuable for its own sake. As individuals, our students deserve the opportunity to develop their distinctive talents. While all students should be challenged to think for themselves, we encourage them to work together to share their talents. Our goal is to create lifelong learners who continue to grow and explore long after their last test is taken. It is our hope that Syosset students will emerge as discerning, educated citizens—with the skills necessary to find success in the university, in the workplace, and in all the challenges life offers. Our administration and staff serve to model the values and character we expect of our students: patience, respect, integrity, dignity and empathy. We share our responsibility with parents and our community, and, in turn, hope to make Syosset High School students aware of their responsibility and connection to the larger world.

Picture of Syosset High School building
Picture of Syosset High School building. Courtesy of Kevin Ho (Class of 2018).