Social Studies Thomas Fusco

Social Studies at Syosset High School

  • Syosset High School Social Studies Department
  • Administrative Assistant: Thomas Fusco
Social Studies
All students in Syosset High School are required to successfully complete four years of socials studies for graduation - one in each grade, 9 through 12. In grades 9, 10, 11 alternate paths are provided via Regents level and honor groupings. Placement is reviewed periodically, and students are reassigned when appropriate. All students must pass the New York State Regents examination on completion of their sophomore and junior year programs.

Senior Requirements:
In the senior year all students must take and successfully complete one-half credit of economics and one-half credit in a social studies elective. All senior electives meet the state Participation in Government requirement.

Five Year Sequence in Social Studies:
All students are eligible to take additional courses in social studies. Students who desire to take a 5-year program in social studies should consult the department coordinator, their social studies teacher, or guidance counselor.
Created By: Zachary Senzer (2013)