Mathematics at Syosset High School

  • Syosset High School Mathematics Department
The Mathematics Department believes that every student should be afforded the best possible learning environment. We offer a diversified curriculum that enables students to be successful and to be intellectually challenged. Student enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the practicality of mathematics are goals we as mathematics educators hope to achieve. Critical thinking, research, and problem solving skills are instructional objectives.

Every student has the potential to learn, and developing a positive relationship with the teacher enhances this learning. The challenge, the beauty, the enjoyment, and the understanding of mathematics can be communicated commensurate with the level of every student. We encourage all students to enjoy the beauty and elegance of mathematics.

A word about graphing calculators: If you are purchasing a graphing calculator for the first time, the Mathematics Department recommends you purchase the TI-84 Plus.
Created By: Zachary Senzer (2013)