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World Language
World Languages
Syosset High School's World language Department offers courses in eight different languages, including American Sign Language, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. We believe that becoming proficient in a foreign language is a large part of being an educated person. Studying a language not only allows one to communicate with others, but also enhances cognition and brain development, which has been proven to strengthen student's skills in other academic areas, as well. Through language study, we prepare students to not only develop communicative competence, but also greater cultural understanding of the world in which we live.

Course of Study
Our Elementary Language Program begins in Kindergarten, with students studying Russian, Chinese, Latin, Spanish, French and Italian by 5th grade. Students choose between French, Italian, and Spanish at the middle school level, then continue in this language at Syosset high School. In addition to these languages, many students choose to study an additional foreign language from the diverse offerings we provide at the high school. Since language study is viewed to be an important part of a student's education, we encourage students to study language trough senior year.

The World languages Program at Syosset follows the New York State Syllabus and uses Checkpoints A, B, and C in its description of the study of World Languages. Each Checkpoint covers similar topics, grammatical structures and cultural information, but spirals into a deeper and more comprehensive practice for the purpose of developing and increasing the communicative skills of the student.
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