Art Coordinator: Michael Salzman

Art at Syosset High School

The Art Department at Syosset High School offers more than twenty five courses for students with a wide range of interests. Traditional courses in the fine arts begin with Studio in Art and Foundations in Art and lead students on a journey through painting, drawing, ceramics, crafts and fashion design. Students interested in computer generated or multi media art also have a great deal of choices in our art department. We offer courses computer art, advertising design and computer animation. Those students work in our state-of-the-art labs and learn to use the most current and advanced software applications. For students who wish to use their cameras as a way to express their creativity, we offer many levels of traditional film and darkroom photography courses as well as courses in digital photography. For students with an interest in theater, we offer courses in stage design and production. Those students design, and build sets for our school’s numerous theatrical productions. Students interested in studying art from a historical prospective should look into one of our two levels of art history courses. Students interested in studying art in college should strongly consider taking AP Art History. Wherever your interests lie, Syosset High School offers you an opportunity to express yourself creatively and to learn to appreciate, and contribute to, the beauty all around us.
Created By: Zachary Senzer (2013)